Sunday, October 4, 2015

Banda Island

A brief post on my weekend getaway to one of Lake Victoria's many islands and a check-off of one of my Ugandan Sites Bucket List. 

To get to the island, you must first get to a little dock town, for our case it was outside of Entebbe. We had booked a boat to take us out, but as it goes there was some miscommunication and we ended up having to take the local transport to the island. This meant going by one of this boats.

And having one of these porters carry us and our things to the boats.

After 4 hours on what was not a bad ride for an over-sized row boat we made it to Banda Island.

As far as the trip goes, it was a weekend of relaxing, taking a sail boat without the sail out on the lake with one paddle, sitting around a bonfire, eating some good fish and hanging out with friends.
We had the opportunity to venture to the other side of the island and meet some of the 400 or so locals. Of course the children were excited to see us and fought over holding our hands, in my case each holding a different one point I was sure I was going to loose one. 


  1. Ashley, as I have told you several times, I really enjoy reading your posts. Wish I were 40-50 years younger and I would be in there with you! Thanks again for taking the time to post. Those people will really miss you when you are gone!

  2. P.S. that post really was from Gramma Pat, not from Lawrence! :-)

  3. I am happy you enjoy my posts. I hope to keep them coming for the next few months!