What We're Doing Now

We are Peace Corps Volunteers!

On August 6, 2014 we officially swore in as 
Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda! 

Swearing in Ceremony at the US Ambassadors Residence in Kampala

The decision to join Peace Corps was something we have talked about since returning from our first study abroad experience in 2011. We enjoyed learning about new cultures and traveling so much we thought what next? Well after two more opportunities to study abroad, constant research on Peace Corps and about a 14 month application waiting period (application submitted to departure) we were headed for Uganda to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers.

Ashley is an Agribusiness Volunteer and the description says: helping farmers or organizations to have access to new markets, improve business skills, improve access to loans, improve farming methods and skills as well as improve the nutrition of those in the communities.

Matthew is a Health Extension Volunteer and the description says: increase awareness and testing of HIV, increase knowledge of prevention of Malaria, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene and provide training on maternal and child nutrition.

*Note what your job description says is not necessarily what you will be doing. What do they say all the time?....."flexibility is key"

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