Thursday, September 25, 2014

Grilling Ugandan Style

 Many people probably wonder…what do they eat in Uganda? Are they eating at all? ...Poor things. Well, don't be worried guys, because Uganda has some of the most fertile soil and just about anything you put in the ground will grow. Better yet, beef, pork, goat and chicken are widely available in almost everywhere. The good thing about beef and pork, you can go to the butcher and tell them exactly what cuts of meat you want. Even better, it is very cheap; a kilo of beef is 8,000/= or roughly $3. Not bad at all, and after doing some research online, we are now able to let them know exactly what we want: T-bone, sirloin or some meat for a roast we can get it and it's freshly killed that morning.

Matt even made us a little grill to celebrate finally getting T-bone and sirloin, can you believe they are always one of the last pieces left at the butcher!
Matt made a grill.

Very good beef.

As far as other meat goes, there is an amazing pork joint in town that is owned by one of Ashley's counterparts. You go in and tell them what pieces and how much you want, 1 kilo is 7,000/= ($2.70) and a half kilo 3,500/= ($1.35). They roast it over the fire for the day and you can even choose if you want them to cook it with onion, tomatoes, cabbage or all three. 

Amazing Pork Joint in Town

For chicken, unless you go to a local restaurant , you have to purchase it, kill it and prep it yourself. Chicken is a little more compared to beef and pork. 1 chicken will cost 15,000/= ($5.80) to 25,000/= ($9.60) depending. 


  1. How interesting this story is. grammar???? It seems you have very good selection at the grocery store? when it comes to meat. They just need to learn how to prepare a new way of life. Gpa le

    1. When it comes to meat choices we do have a great selection. However, when it comes to veggies and fruits we do not. People here like to eat the same veggies... like cassava, rice, beans and matooke (a plantain). But when it comes to veggies that are the super foods they don’t grow them, yet alone eat them. At the Saturday market you will find things like beans, rice, cabbage, onion, tomatoes, maybe avocados and at times green peppers. There is one lady who sells carrots maybe once per month and we have seen watermelon a few times. Now, this is not the case in other districts. You can find a wide range of veggies and fruits in most other places; we just seem to be slacking. Luckily, we have lots of seeds and started a garden.