Everyday Life

An example of a day in our life....

Our House?

We live in staff housing at the health center Matt is working at. There are four units for staff. Our house has two rooms; the front is our living room and the back is our bed room. Outside in the back there is a smaller set of units that houses each units' kitchen. 


Under the sun and stars and it is awesome after a long hot day.
Outdoor Shower Stall
Basin and Jerry Can for Bathing


Thankfully we have a water source close; other volunteers have to either walk or send someone a good distance to the nearest source.
Water Catchment Tank

Latrine?..New Toilet

When we got here we were given a latrine and lock as is required by Peace Corps. At night it made going to the
restroom difficult since it was a good ways away in the dark. They recently completed some additions to the staff housing and we got a toilet....was really getting use to the latrine.
New Toilet

The Town?

Our town is small and quiet and is basically a fork in the road with shops. 
Looking towards shops at fork with market on the right.

Looking towards the local restaurants and some shops at fork with the market to the left.

Looking towards the gas station and post room from fork.

The Market?

Our town has a Saturday food and clothes market but on other days you can find some basics like potatoes, bananas and beans.
Produce Market

Where We Cook?

Most locals use a sagiri or stove that uses coal or firewood. Since we are not the best fire starters, have little patience, and prefer not to have smoke in our faces we bought an electric hotplate. After a few weeks of realizing electricity is not reliable, we decided to purchase a gas stove as well. Update-We now use the sagiri.
Our Kitchen

What We Can Find to Eat?

What we can find usually in the market: beans, rice, cabbage, green pepper, onion, tomato, g-nuts (peanuts), bananas (not the yellow ones but green ones they use to make on of their favorite dish matooke), pineapple, 

carrots (rarely and usually only a inch and a half long)
corn (when it is in season, if not it is dried)

Also we have beef, pork, goat, chicken and dried fish.

A local butcher

Awesome Pork Joint one of my counterparts own

We use bucket, water and either local powder or bar soaps.


Ashley is an agribusiness volunteer and works at our organization's main office. The three main projects are water sanitation and hygiene project, health extension project and agriculture project. 
Ashley's Host Org

Matt is a health extension volunteer and works in the health center level 3 founded by the organization.
Matt's Host Org: Health Center III

If we need transport?

There are basically four options available unless you can find someone who owns a car and doesn't mind giving you a ride.

Matatu ...what? Basically a van type public transport. Legally can hold 14 passengers, normally has 25.

Car Taxis.....In our district the Matatus are not common so we are left with car taxis which is basically a Toyota Corolla. They have 4 seats besides the driver right? Well be prepared to see 12+ because they make sure to pack in as many that will fit.

Privates.....We don't have those here, but basically it is what it sounds like. A private taxi that you don't have to be crowded with lots of people only downside usually more pricey but if your in a group a good deal.

Motorcycles....... (Not Allowed) But the most seen on one so far has been 5 adults with 3 children.

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