Where Are We?

Ok, so when we applied to Peace Corps they ask “are there any countries/regions you wouldn't want to serve in” but they also said “as a married couple you need to be very flexible since it is sometimes harder to place couples”. To be honest we had both agreed the African continent as a whole was not on the top of our list ,but being open and flexible we said we were available world-wide on our application. For a while we were under the impression we were going to the Eastern Caribbean to be education/literacy volunteers. Of course our family was ecstatic since we wouldn't be going that far away. We had already spent the past 3 years traveling around the world and this time we would be close enough that maybe Matt’s parents would come to visit. Well fast forward some time and we received a call from placement on our two options: Kyrgyzstan as Education Volunteers departing in April 2014 or Uganda as Health Extension and Agribusiness Volunteers departing June 2014.... oh and only 24 hours to decide. We were really thrown for a loop, but being flexible is something we knew was important and overall we wanted to live and experience a new culture and volunteer. So within 24 hours there was a crap load of research, decision making, lots of pros/cons lists some crying parents but in the end we ultimately decided Uganda was right for us. So here we are and honestly we couldn't be happier. Uganda is an amazingly beautiful country with amazingly welcoming people.

So Where Is Uganda??

locator map of Uganda

We Traveled About 8,789 Miles!

Some Fun Facts About Uganda

Country Nickname; "The Pearl of Africa"
Population: Roughly 35 Million 
Size Comparison: About the same as Oregon
Average Age: 15
Average Family Size: 8 
Official Language: English
Total Languages Spoken: >36

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