Monday, September 8, 2014

Birthday and a Kitten

Matt celebrated another birthday in another country, this time from Africa. This year he got an unexpected surprise.

Back Story:
Ashley had mentioned to her counterpart they we have a kitten back in The States and would love to get one while we are here. She might have mentioned it too many times. This morning at work she waited for her counterpart and when he arrived on his motorcycle, she went out to greet him and heard a cry that sounded like a baby. “Do you hear that?” he asked. On the back of the motorcycle inside of a box wrapped in a tarp was a kitten. We have a kitten now.

Happy 26th Birthday Matt!

We decided to name him Stacey like his sister Stacy back home in The States. Hopefully she won’t mind. Honestly, we couldn't stop calling him Stacey so it has stuck.

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  1. Happy late birthday Matt. I told the American Stacy that she have an African brother. Lol