Saturday, August 30, 2014

All Vol

We just returned from our first All Volunteer Conference. We were able meet all the other volunteers in country and had the opportunity to attend classes on things that were of interest to us. Overall it was nice to see familiar faces and meet new ones.

Before the conference we had to get there and we found out just how limited the transport really is in our district. From our town there is only one matatu that leaves to the capital every day.  What time does it leave? Oh you know 5 in the morning and when does it load oh 3:30 they start making their rounds. Thankfully they waited until the end to pick us up and we were loaded and ready to leave by 4:30. We don’t see much traveling happening unless we can find someone with a car willing to take us to the nearest town outside the district with transport, of course we will pay.  On a good note, we arrived early enough and were able to get some shopping done. Yea for real supermarkets. There is a supermarket called GAME in the capital and when shopping I always get the feeling of, this feels just like Wal-Mart.  After some research my intuition was right. They were bought by Wal-Mart a few years ago and I am thankful, something I never thought I would say.

Highlights: The volunteers hosting the event did an amazing SNL type skit to welcome us, hilarious and perfectly done. Some of them really need to look into acting. Also, there was a nice bon-fire one night and a Prom. Wish I had pictures because the outfits were awesome. The theme was 80’s, oldies, or something like that and the outfits people found were great, it was like turning back the clock plus seeing lots of men in dresses, oh yea it was a good time.

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