Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Week at Site

We have just finished our first week at site and all is going well. We have gotten the basic idea of what we will be doing for the next 2 years although these first 3 months are really about community integration and getting to know more about our organization.

Our Organization:
We are both working for the same organization, it is a local non-profit founded and ran by a local man. They started with water, sanitization and hygiene projects by building protected wells, water tanks and improved latrines throughout the district. Now it has grown to include a health extension project, agriculture project, health centers and a primary school. The team is a great group of people and they seem to really know what they are doing.  Matt is at the Health Center and has been paired to work with the HIV/AIDs counselor. Ashley is at the main organization with the agriculture extension team.

Work Plans:
Matt has been asked to do a Customer Care Projects as one of his primary projects while he is here. He will also be working with his counterpart with HIV/AIDs counseling, testing and awareness. Ashley will be working with the agriculture team with their current project focusing on bringing in business knowledge and skills; along the way she is going to try to develop a new focus from a need within the community.

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