Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ashley's Out in the Field

This week Ashley got to spend her first week out in the field working with the farmers groups. As you know or as you may or may not know, Ashley has no experience other than planting a small garden last summer as far as it comes to agriculture. This week’s task: digging trenches to control rain and soil run-off.  We live in the hills scattered with large rocks and it rains often, especially since rainy season is on its way. Providing these farmers with the knowledge and skills on how to control the large amount of water these rains bring will help provide security for their crops. This was a very interesting week and she learned a lot from her counterparts and by the end of these 2 years you will be able to call her Farmer Green!

My counterpart facilitating the training on trenches.

Ashley even got in there and did some digging, although those hoes are a lot heavier than they look!

They were so happy and surprised to see an obujungu digging because you know their skin can't touch the dirt. Really that is what they believe, people do not dig in America and our skin cannot touch the dirt. They were so happy they are the ones who said let’s get a picture of this.

Note to self buy some boots for the field, they are a must.

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