Monday, April 6, 2015


If we were back in the States we would be joining in on the festivities at White Sands with our friends and family. Boards, BBQ, kids racing to find eggs buried in the sand surrounded by familiar faces with the feeling of spring approaching by the fact we can pull out our shorts and tank tops. This year we were met with a 4 day weekend, either because it is predominately a Christian country or the fact that they love taking holidays, and we had a mini vacation. Our original plan was to travel to see our home stay parents in the neighboring district but due to some logistical issues of an upcoming training Ashley had to attend it was impossible. So, we bought a chicken, some eggs and soda and stayed home sharing some American traditions. 

Coloring eggs and going on a hunt has always been a favorite Easter tradition, so why not teach our kids next door. When you don’t have a Wal-Mart to go buy a $3 kit or food coloring what do you do? Pull out some markers and let the kids go crazy.

The Kids Enjoying Coloring

All Finished

Our Beautiful Eggs

Then it was time for a hunt. Not sure if they completely understood why or what they were doing but they seemed to have a blast. Instead of having a giant basket filled with goodies, marshmallow chicks, chocolate bunnies or stuffed animals they got they got to eat the eggs they colored and were very, very happy. 

In the afternoon we went to Matt’s counterparts for a great local Easter meal. Matooke (steamed plantans), rice, chicken, beef, macaroni, sauce, greens and irish potatoes. Yummy! After such a great meal we didn’t have much room for dinner so the chicken had its life spared….but not for long. 

Next time, on the Great and Grand Adventures on the Greens.

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