Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coffee Anyone?

Matt has always been a coffee lover. Throughout the day he usually makes around 2 French Presses worth; straight, black, no cream or sugar is the way he likes it. Well in Uganda he has hit the lotto; lots of people around are in the business of growing coffee. One of Ashley’s co-workers discovered Matt’s love and gave him some berries as a gift. Now we are in the coffee business, small scale, on the personal use side, but hey, we are in business of processing some coffee. 

This is something completely new to us. The first thing, Matt set out in drying them. We used a piece of tarp we found a few months ago and placed them out. The drying process took a good few days. After drying we started to crack them open to get the seeds. We found an easy way, maybe not the best way, but coke and beer bottles are perfect for the job. One crush and the shell breaks into two making it easy to take out the beans. This is the most taxing step. We developed our own little assembly line, crush crush, and take out the seeds, then start the next batch. Now it’s time for Matt’s favorite part, the roasting. A few minutes in to the process, the beans begin to make a soft crackling sound and the smell fills the air. When it’s all done, he sits with a homemade grinder until the beans are ready. 

We joke about growing some coffee trees, but we wouldn't be around to enjoy them. Maybe we will take the advice of all of our co-workers and buy a small plot of land and start a farm….maybe.


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