Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

2015 is here! 

We have learned Ugandans really know how to celebrate.
The music we talked about from Christmas didn't stop with just celebrating Christmas, it continued up into this New Year. 
That is no joke…. 

At around 4 pm on New Year’s Eve Matt ventured into town to get some food and drinks for the night. We decided we would bring in the New Year at the Health Center with some of our neighbors with a small bon fire, nothing big, but safe among other things. While in town, he saw the prelude to the night’s events. Every speaker in town, probably a good 15-20, was being set up around the center of town. Around 5 pm it started… Every single beat from the Ugandan music we could feel. From nearly a good 15 minute walk away, the music echoed through our home like it was playing from right outside of our door….they really like their music.

We sat around the fire and someone’s watch must have been off, because the mass cheers started at 11:58 and due to the excitement and likely the large consumption of alcohol, the cheers didn't end until after 1 am. It was actually a neat thing to experience. Everyone, it seemed those in town and those at their homes, were cheering and making warrior calls.

The next morning we had to head into town to get lunch and something for dinner. It was like we lived in a ghost town. All the shops were closed and there was no one on the road. In town we found only a few shops opened, and behind each of the counters  the shop attendants were asleep in their chairs. 

Looking forward to all Uganda has to offer in 2015

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