Saturday, November 1, 2014

As One Leaves Another Comes….

Due to circumstances outside of Ashley’s control. Our Akapusi, Stacey, is no longer with us. It’s not what you think. Stacey was/is an adorable kitten and would have made a wonderful addition while in Uganda, but he wanted more. It all started when Matt left. Like clockwork he made sure Ashley was awake by 5:30 every morning as he cried to go outside, but of course he didn’t want to just be an outdoor kitty. By the afternoon he wanted to be inside snuggling and introducing his friends to Ashley’s skin. … Yes, Ashley was attacked by fleas and ticks, and of course her skin reacted severely, what else would it do? Being normal and just having little bite marks are just too much to ask for. Then one magical day the package finally came from Ashley’s mom filled with goodies including things for the kitty. Flea wash and collars, no more bites. But then it happened, he found an orange little kitty friend and the rest is history for the most part. Kitty meets friend, friend has lots of bugs, big bugs, and kitty gets more bugs, they bite mommy, mommy gets woken up before the sun, mommy decides kitty needs to be able to run free with kitty friends and live outside. To sum it all up, Stacey is living very comfortably on one of the nurse’s plantations nearby chasing rats and playing with kitty friends  while mommy is still recovering from bites even after seeing 2 doctors, receiving antibiotics and every ointment under the sun.... but kitty is happy. Some cats are just not meant to be indoor cats, Lesson Learned.

So, as Stacey left Matt came back! After 4 weeks in the States he is back in Uganda. Thankfully, everyone back home is doing better and Matt will now be able to focus on things here. The trip back was a lot better than going; it was like all forces were trying to keep him from reaching the States. A 36 hour trip turned into 54 with no change of clothes or money (what happens when Ashley doesn’t pack). Thankfully, coming back was just at 26 hours with no delays. 
Welcome Back Matt!

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