Saturday, November 22, 2014

World Toilet Day

This past week our organization held a ceremony to celebrate 49 new Village Health Members. These new members are joining health teams in their communities to serve as dispensers of medical supplies. Village Health Teams are good in areas where access to health centers may be limited and these members help to provide basic health and prevention care to members of the community. Interestingly enough, the same day was also World Toilet Day and we were introduced to a new innovation for latrines.
 Our district has been piloting a huge defecation free campaign and the hope is that by the end of 2015 the district will be declared defecation free. For this to happen there will need to be latrines available to every person as well as sensitization; it’s a huge project….really huge but they are working hard. We have been invited to go along for the “counting of poo” but unfortunately we have not had time. So the innovation… basically it helps to reduce the odor which reduces the flies reducing disease as well as dispose of the “doo” in a sanitary way.  Even better, it is kid friendly. Can’t count how many times we have seen kids doing their business in the middle of a field or on the side of the road. We even had the joy of seeing one while we were eating at a restaurant during homestay. ….and it was not a short call (short call= #1 or pee pee). Well we are now trying out these new gadgets, when we came home Friday there were 2 being installed in our compound latrines. 
Let’s see how well these work!

On a side note….we are collaborating and hosting a 
World AIDS Day Event in the middle of December.
It will be the first in our town and we are excited!


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