Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shrimp of the Land

Living in a very small town, where electricity is scarce,  no light goes unnoticed in the late evening hours. For the past few weeks we have been noticing large beams of light off in the distance, looking almost like a nearby ball park during a game. Of course there is no such thing anywhere near our home. To make things even more odd, these lights continue to shine on brightly through the night, even when the power is off for the entire town. It just so happens, that these lights are usually powered by generators and are used to draw in swarms of grasshoppers which are apparently in season this month. Grasshoppers are like the Mc Rib of Uganda, they only come once in a while and have a swarm of addicted followers. This morning we found our neighbors had purchased a few large bags of these critters and spent all day preparing them for roasting. Each grasshopper has to have its wings and legs removed so to maximize the taste…. or so they don’t fly away….really we don’t know why but there has to be a reason. After they have been de-legged and winged the cooking begins. Add some salt and onion and tomatoes and green pepper if you want to and you have some yummy roasted treats. Of course we were offered some, “you are in Uganda, and we eat these”. With those words we couldn't say no. Matt was even given an entire plate and they are almost finished. So what do they taste like? Kind of like shrimp seasoned potato or the other way around…but you can’t deny their tastiness. 
Hello grasshopper season!

Right from the fields, fresh as can be

Time to start preparing

Taking off the legs and wings

Ashley even joined in 

Time to cook 'em


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