Thursday, March 5, 2015

Drop Everything and...

One of our local school we work in, St. Mary’s Primary School, celebrated the 2nd Annual DEAR Day in Uganda for the first time by encouraging an environment of reading among its students. For 30 minutes you didn't hear the usual sound of teachers conducting their lessons with pupils reciting every line, instead you heard children reading aloud or the silence of those reading to themselves. 

I conducted a few interviews with some of the staff and children and they each said how much they enjoyed the exercise. The students loved it because it gave them time to do something they enjoy or learn about something they are interested in. The teachers enjoyed seeing the children encouraged to read and were surprised at how much the pupils were engaged. The plan, they want to start a similar exercise each week were students can read for about 30 minutes to 1 hour as the schedule allows…it was successful exercise indeed.

 Now Ashley is asking for your help. These schools have little and in some cases, no leisurely reading materials. If you know of any organizations that donate books please comment below. 
Thank you!

P7 Students Reading Newspapers

P5 Students reading stories from the Bible

Top Class Listening to a story read by  P5 &P7 Students


  1. This sounds great. Would magazines be of value to them? Gpa le