Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It’s Been Awhile

So what has been happening here? Well, we have officially been on this journey for 9 months. February came and went before we even knew it. Funny how time goes by so fast but at the same time it seems to not move at all here. So, 9 months down 18 more until you all get to have us around again.... for awhile.

We welcomed a new set of volunteers to the west; six awesome education volunteers ready to get to work. Unfortunately, none will be joining us in our district….maybe next time.

With the help of Matt’s counterpart, last month we started re-introducing a health education program into our neighboring school, and are working with a great group of P4-P7 students. We have some awesome projects lined up for this month, the current focus is personal health and hygiene, and the topics so far have covered personal hygiene, latrines, home/compound hygiene and nutrition.

We replanted our garden. In case you missed what happened last time, our precious 1 year old neighbor decided that each time something would grow it needed to be weeded leaf by leaf until she finally decided it was time for it to go all together. So needless to say, our attempt at sac gardens was a failure. This time we had to get a little innovative...and with this help of the internet Ashley came up with this.

It’s not finished yet, there are still a few rows left to hang, but we did make sure it was out of reach from small children. 

What else….oh yeah, the season is changing. Not like the seasons back home where soon it will start to warm up and the trees and grass slowly come back to life, but the season is changing. We are moving into one of our rainy seasons. This means the brown and red dirt that has coated everything for the past few months is going to be replaced with unexpected downpours and muddy roads you sink in. The upside, it won’t be as hot, things will start to grow back and we will hopefully start to get food in the market…the downside, time to start bathing inside our sitting room again, shoes will be destroyed, and getting out of our district will be a struggle. Hello March!

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  1. I so much enjoy your postings, and am so proud of the much needed work you are doing! Hip-hip-hooray for both of you! Gma Pat & Gpa L.E.