Sunday, March 8, 2015

Know Your Status

Yesterday we held another HIV testing event in our town. World AIDS Day 2014 was such a success we have decided to continue on the work throughout the year and hold quarterly testing up until this year’s 2nd annual event in December.  

So how to get people excited about knowing their status? First you stress the testing is free, next you get a sound system to broadcast music and every other minute you talk about getting tested (in Uganda, they love sound systems) and lastly you try an incentive. What incentive did they have yesterday? The first 100 tested would get a mystery prize… Needless to say our goal of 100 tested was surpassed with a total of 237 people tested! And for their prize, some biscuits (cracker/cookie things) they were very eager to line up and get with smiles on their faces. A very inexpensive but effective way to get people interested in testing for sure.  The biggest accomplishment was seeing many of the faces from our previous testing back for their 3 month re-testing. 

Matt even was interviewed on 2 local radio stations and promoted awareness and encouraged people to get tested and know their status. Now it’s time to start planning the next event for June. In the works is a local campaign, Kibaale Know Your Status. 
Do you know your status?

Female Condom Demo

HIV Info

Quarterly Testing Event

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