Sunday, March 29, 2015

You Have to Breathe

…When things don’t go as planned. 
When there is a time deadline things always seem to not move as fast as you want and everything seems to pop-up out of nowhere in an attempt to sabotage you. For reasons unknown, that seems to be even more the case here. You need the welder to do some work but the power is off for the week, except late at night when it’s time to sleep. You need to paint, but the rains are here making it nearly impossible when you don’t have an inside space to do it in. You need to hold a meeting but the night before it rains a lot and most people are not able to come in the next morning. You need to construct things outside but it rains literally all weekend, from morning to night and you decide to just curl up and lay in bed all day because you know you can’t do anything about it. On days like these, you have to just breathe. 

Almost every day one or two Ugandans will remind us of “Ugandan Time”, mpora, mpora (slowly, slowly) and they joke about us Americans and our “American Standard Time”, rushing around to get things done. But in the end, even with the “Ugandan Time”, things do get done. So our lesson, just breathe.

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